Launch a mobile app
for your business

Launch a mobile app
for your business

Online App Builder for Android and iPhone Without Coding!

Why your business needs an app?

Create an app to compete with big brands

No code is required, simply create a mobile-web application that is instantly downloadable via a link on iOS and Android. Simply signup, upload your products and start selling online.

Apps convert 3x more than a website

More satisfying UI, easier and faster checkout, and optimized navigation increase the percentage of users who complete their purchase leading to higher conversion and cart average.

 Increase Client loyalty

Personalize your app experience by using one of our professional templates. Add a Whatsapp widget to connect with your customers, and take advantage of our push notification dashboard to send push notifications to clients.

  Payments and shipping

Reach a wider audience with various online and offline payment options. Accept card payments, Google and Apple Pay, or activate PayPal to receive payment.

Why To Choose Us

Technical partner, not a revenue partner

Mobilzer aims to promote your brand by providing the latest technologies for your business, with the best quality and ease of use.  

We handle the technology so you can focus on selling

Developing a new mobile app requires resources, time, and effort which takes away your focus from selling products. We will do all that for you with the highest industry standards so you can have a stable and performant website and mobile app ready for your customers.

One simple subscription

A simple monthly subscription model that allows you to publish a mobile app to all devices without a need for servers, developers, or designers.

Re-engagement backed in our apps

Your clients will receive push notifications directly to their mobiles, whenever you have a new product or offer. While you can use emails to build loyalty, Mobile app notifications surpass the re-engagement levels achieved by sending an email.

Build your app in minutes

Pick a pricing plan that suits your business


0 $

Create a basic progressive web app

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Starting from 9$/month

Create a digital store to display your products

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Starting from 19$/month

Create a digital store and start selling your products online

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Starting from 49$/month

Create a digital store accessible via multiple devices: Mobile web app, iOS and Android.

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Starting from 179$/month

Best for agencies that want to create up to 10 apps

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Apps built on Mobilzer


Your data is our top priority. We convert your data to hard-to-decipher codes to keep it confidential and protect it from any misuse. We make sure that there is no third party allowed to get your information. 

The application owner is the one and only responsible for the customers' activities on their application. They have full control to set the app policy as well as the terms and conditions. 

You can add a wide range of company information, including multiple mobile contact numbers with distinct names, Facebook and Twitter links, a WhatsApp phone number, the location of your HQ, and much more.

Yes, we provide the push notification feature that your app's messages pop at the user's screen with no need to open the app to read them.

You should have an account at any of the virtual banks. Mobilzer offers integration with PayPal; however, if you prefer any other method, contact us.

Yes, send an amendment request, and we will reply with all the details and costs to immediately begin development after your approval.

You can stop your subscription any time you wish.

Yes, you can link an existing domain to your app and users can directly access your app using this custom domain.

Yes, you can use CSV import or Excel to upload your data from the current system.

Yes, our dashboard offers all sorts of customization, colors, fonts, and positions of different elements.

You will receive an email notifying you that the trial is over, and you can activate a paid membership. In case you do not, we will be saving your information, while the application is totally closed except the dashboard to allow you to select your paid membership. Otherwise, the application will be totally off until you have your membership.

A single account can create one iOS and one Android application. However, contact us if you want to become a partner and we will allow you to manage multiple apps for your clients.

Yes, you may transfer the application property to another party after it is already created on Mobilzer.

Our main service is building mobile-web apps, which are a new technology that allows users to download apps directly from the website without needing to go to app stores, your website becomes downloadable as is and your users will get your app icon on the home screen plus you will be able to send Push notifications like any other mobile app, it is just less expensive.