Build a restaurant app with no code

Showcase your menu, allow customers to make orders, and receive payment instantly. 

Benefits of building a restaurant app

For businesses, a restaurant app can streamline ordering processes, increase customer loyalty, and provide valuable insights into customer preferences. For customers, they can easily view menus online or order food with just a few taps on their phones. Additionally, apps offer convenience through features such as payment processing and delivery options that make ordering even easier than ever before. A mobile app provides restaurants with many opportunities to engage with their customers while also providing them with an enjoyable experience that keeps them coming back for more. 

Build a restaurant app with Mobilzer within minutes

Mobilzer Features


Encourage customers to purchase
additional items from your menu. This could be desired side-dishes, a special sauce or extra cheese.

Push notifications

Use push notifications to inform customers of new menu items, special promotions or discounts, and upcoming events at their favorite restaurants.

Loyalty program

With this program, users can earn points on their orders that can be redeemed for free items or special discounts at your restaurant.

QR code scanner

Convert your digital menu into a QR code. When user scan the code, they can view the menu on their mobile devices.

Foodics integration

Import your information from Foodics continuously, and manage all your orders from one place.

Marketing integrations

Integrate your app with popular social media platforms such as Meta to create campaigns that target specific audiences based on location or interests. With Mailchimp integrations, you can leverage email marketing strategies to keep customers informed about new menu items and special offers.

Why Mobilzer

Ease of use 

Mobilzer offers a user-friendly and easy-to-use dashboard, allowing anyone with basic computer skills to create a professional-looking mobile application. 

Built-in features 

Mobilzer provides a variety of built-in features to make mobile app building easier and more efficient. These features include customizable templates, discount coupons, product modifiers, and more. 

Custom themes 

With Mobilzer, you can use our pre-built templates and customize them to fit your restaurant brand identity. Upload pictures for your menu items and customize the colors as you like. 

How much does it cost to build a restaurant app?

Building a restaurant app with traditional development methods could be costly. If you want to simply list your menu or add an ordering system with payment integration then you may want to pay a few thousand dollars if you outsource development. Adding additional features like micro-ordering capabilities or personalization can significantly increase the price. 

Is there an alternative? 

With no-code app builder like Mobilzer. You can build a restaurant app and integrate it with payment gateways for only $19 per month. And it only takes you a few minutes to build and launch an app because all the features you would need are built-in.