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To customize your app, you can select a template from the list we provide:


Then you can start customizing different components of the app.

For example, you can customize the way your home screen will look, the header looks, the top bar menu color, showing a floating WhatsApp icon for your clients to chat, and change it’s color to match your app design, and also, you choose to upload a new cart icon if you like to.

Another example is customizing the product cards

Here you can configure allowing users to add products to the cart directly from the product list without going into the product details, and many more configurations and color changes you can do here.

Besides each option, there is a small info icon (i) clicking on that will allow you to see a visual explaining what each configuration will change in your app


Lastly, if you have banners you want to show in your app you can upload an image or video banners