Explore Mobilzer

Products Upload and Create

1. Accessing the Admin Dashboard

  1. Log In:
    • Open the Mobilzer platform.
    • Enter your login credentials and click “Log In.”
  2. Navigate to Categories:
    • Click on “Build Your App” on the main dashboard.
    • Select “Categories” to access the categories section.


2. Adding a New Category

  1. Open Category Section:
    • Click on the “Category” tab.
  2. Add New Category:
    • Click the “Add Category” button.
    • Enter the name for the new category in the provided field.
    • Choose whether it will be a main category (no parent) or a subcategory (select a parent category).




3. Managing Categories and Subcategories

  1. Understand Display Rules:
    • Main categories (without a parent) appear on the main page.
    • Subcategories (with a parent) are nested under their parent category.
  2. Update Categories:
    • To edit, click on an existing category.
    • Modify the name, parent category, or other details as needed.
    • To delete, select the category and click “Delete.”



4. Customizing Category Display

  1. Add Visual Elements:
    • Click on a category.
    • Upload an image for the category by clicking on the image placeholder.
  2. Select Style Options:
    • Choose the display style for the category: square, circle, menu, or modern.
  3. Adjust Layout:
    • Set the column count for category display (e.g., 2 columns, 3 columns).
    • Choose how subcategories are displayed: as tabs, normal, or in a menu format.



5. Saving and Refreshing Changes

  1. Save Changes:
    • Click the “Save” button to save all changes.
  2. Refresh App:
    • Refresh the app to see the updated category display.



  • Parent Category Changes:
    • Be cautious when adding or removing parent categories as it can affect the organization of subcategories.
  • Clear Naming:
    • Ensure category names are clear and descriptive to avoid confusion for users.




 Adding a New Product

  1. Open Products Section:
    • Click on “Products” in the app dashboard.
  2. Add Product:
    • Click on “Add Product.”
  3. Enter Product Details:
    • Select the main image for the product.
    • Choose the product category.
    • Enter the product name and description.
    • Add additional details like codes, contact information, dimensions, pricing, and product images.
  4. Save Product:
    • Click “Save” to add the new product to the app.



2. Managing Stock

  1. Access Stock Manager:
    • Navigate to the stock manager in the app dashboard.
  2. Update Stock Information:
    • Update stock availability and pricing.
    • Enter stock quantity.
  3. Maintain Inventory:
    • Deduct stock after each purchase to maintain accurate inventory levels.



3. Utilizing Modifiers

  1. Define Modifiers:
    • Click on the product you want to add modifiers to.
    • Define customization options (e.g., adding extra toppings to a pizza).
  2. Enter Modifier Details:
    • Specify the modifier name and price.
    • Include an image if necessary.
  3. Save Modifiers:
    • Click “Save” to apply the modifiers to the product.




4. Customizing Product Display

  1. Adjust Display Options:
    • Access the display settings for products.
    • Adjust the header style, product image style, and product details page style.
  2. Choose Display Type:
    • Select from various display options: image type, normal type, circle, detailed, flat, or cards.
  3. Save Display Settings:
    • Click “Save” to apply the display settings.



5. Additional Actions

  1. Product Actions and Attributes:
    • Enable actions like adding products to favorites or specifying product attributes.
  2. Customize Product Details:
    • Add or remove headers as needed for each product.


  • Accurate Details:
    • Ensure accurate details are entered for each product to avoid confusion.
  • Regular Updates:
    • Regularly update stock quantities to prevent overselling.